Gruzja z drona. Georgia. A drone view.

Soon after I packed my drone back into the box, a military pick-up arrived and two people come out of the car. Very serious, one of them with a rifle.

-Where are you from – the older of them asked.

-Poland – I said, expecting a bit of indulgence, as Poland took Georgia’s side in the 2008 conflict with Russia…

Did you take photos in that direction – one of them asked, waving somewhere to the north, where the border with Chechynya was.

-No, I just took photos of this rock formations. – I said scared, but trying to remain calm.

The two man stood a while, then returned back to the car, we said goodbye to each other…

Well, I told the truth, and soldiers apparently did their job not wanting to threaten a tourist. Lesson learned.




Shkhara Glacier.

Camping with Ailama peak (4547m.a.s.l) in the background.

Mutso მუცო village

Tsalka Canyon, once wild, now known for Diamond Bridge…


Rock formations in Khevsureti.


Somewhere in Samtskhe–Javakheti…

Katski pillar, an unique hermitage on a rock top.

Gelati monastery.

Akhalkalaki Castle.

Road to Datvisjvari Pass, Khevsuretia.

Caucasus mountains.


Unique Abuli fortress located above 2600 m.a.s.l with Didi Abuli (3300 m.a.s.l) in the background.


Candy cane / rainbow mountains near Udabno.

Rabati fortress, Achalciche.

Rock city of Vardzia.

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