Cerro Medusa (6144 m.n.p.m.) – Reached!

Puna de Atacama

On the 1st of October 2014 after 2p.m. in Argentina we managed to reach the peak of Cerro Medusa, one of the 6000m high peaks near the skyscraping Ojos de Salado. We didn’t have enough time for the latter.

Puna de Atacama, an area which has over 30 six-thousand-meters-high peaks, is one of the most incredible places I have ever seen. Wind was a constant companion during our long walk through the desert and it sometimes drove us mad, while the great mileage covered by foot, as well as the distance from human habitats only made us feel more lost in the unwelcoming Atacama.

Cerro Medusa 6144

Cerro Medusa isn’t a hard peak to climb (F), if we don’t take into account the 70km distance from the paved road (which is still another 150km from the nearest town), the lack of infrastructure, mobile coverage and the lurking-behind-ever-climbed-meter mountain sickness.

The peak was first reached by a Polish expedition in 1937.

More practical information, photos, as well as a wider description will be published soon.

Translated by A.K.

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Not much can be found, especially in Polish, in the Internet about Cerro Medusa. However, not much doesn’t mean nothing! The next generation of Poles hasn’t forgotten about the pre-WWII doings of our alpinists: punadeatacama.pl The team from this link has done some climbing similar to us at the begining of 2014. Other pages include: Summitopost, Pikes on hikes.